Our Panchkarma Treatment


In Ayurveda ,treatment consists of four basic forms, namely - medicine or drug therapy, pancha (five) karma (actions/ systems), dietary regime and regulation of lifestyle. And works in two fundamental ways - cure and prevention.

Our Panchakarma Treatment,consists of medicated emesis (vamana) to remove excess kapha, therapeutic purgation (viracana) to clear excess pitta, medicated enema (vasti) to eject excess vata, nasal drops or snuffs (nasya) for diseases of the head & neck and bloodletting (raktamokshana) in case of blood disorders. Five purification procedures for removing accumulated toxins and other waste material in the body. As the humors and tissues are related closely to each other, this discharge procedure affects the tissues indirectly by the strong elimination of related humor. For example, the pronounced elimination of kapha by herb induced emesis causes an effect on the nutrient tissue fluid pool, containing water and electrolytes, plasma, muscle, fat. Or the large release of pitta by selective purgation similarly causes an indirect effect on the total colouring material in the body or blood.

Panchkarma Treatment

Considered the best treatment for a deranged vata, it purifies and rejuvenates the colon that then nourishes the entire body and helps to gain control of the disease process before it goes into a migratory phase. Classified into Oily Enema, Decoction Enema, and Enema therapies, it is administered through the anal passage or vagina.

Vasti is essentially of two types : Nirooha that cleanses toxins from the dhatus and removes naturally accumulated malas (body waste) from the colon, and Anuwasana that which is meant to be retained in the body for a longer period of time in order to have its intended effect.

Making use of medicated oils taken through the nostrils, it is used to assist emesis therapy in dislodging toxins and excess kapha from the throat, nose, sinus & other organs. It is effective for diseases in the head, ears, nose, throat, teeth and improving connections between the senses & respective organs. Although it is not suitable for patients suffering from indigestion, thirst, hunger, grief or pregnancy. And in excess it may lead to an excessive discharge from the nose and eyes, heaviness of the body, abnormal functioning of the sense organs.

Toxins absorbed into the bloodstream through the gastro-intestinal tract get circulated throughout the body, manifesting under the skin or in the joint-spaces making rooms for disease. Their elimination and purification of the blood then becomes necessary. Thus his therapy is very good in case of all imbalance of blood and pitta disorders as stubborn skin diseases, tumours, gout, excessive drowsiness, alopecia, hallucinations and enlarged liver & spleen.

A sharp scalpel is usually used to make superficial, parallel or vertical incisions with extreme care after a soothing and antiseptic paste has been applied to the location. The amount of blood let out should not be more than 350ml. At such times a needle should be used to puncture a vein. It is however not to be used for people suffering from general swelling of limbs, debility, severe anemia, piles, fever, thirst, alcoholism.

This is really effective for nasal disorders, tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma, diabetes, poor digestion, anorexia, dyspepsia, inflammation of lymph glands, epilepsy, insanity, edema, obesity, heart diseases and pangeutis.

Proper therapy brings about a feeling of cleanliness of the chest and stomach, lightness of the body and ensures timely passing of urine and stool. But care must be taken to avoid over-administration as it could result in unconsciousness, blood vomiting, sudden drop of blood pressure and chest pain. While any under-administration would result in not achieving the desired effect.

Aims to eliminate those doshas that cannot be removed by emesis or through other channels as kidneys, lungs and sweat glands. It is highly effective in cases of fever, skin diseases, bleeding from the mouth & nose, piles, worms, gout, vaginal diseases, anal problems, fistulas, anemia, glandular swellings and loss of appetite.

A systematic therapy for the elimination of pitta and pitta-kappha performed through the anus using mediums as laxatives, mild purgatives and strong purgatives, it must be practiced only after Poorva Karma. However, it is not suitable for children, the old, the infirm and pregnant woman. And strictly avoided under conditions of bleeding of the lower channels, weaknesses or diarrhoea.