Government Ayurvedic College Hospital,Patna was established in 1926. The Hospital has comprehensive facilities for inexhaustible resources for medical and allied research and provides credible patient care. The institute purpose is to bring together in one place, educational facilities of the highest order for the training of self sufficient personnel in all important branches of health activity.

Our hospital is well planned and built to ensure that a right ambience is created for Ayurvedic treatments. The hospital provides accommodation in well-equipped rooms with the necessary amenities. It also houses an Ayurvedic departmental store and pharmacy from where all Ayurvedic medicines can be purchased. An exclusive vegetarian canteen caters to patients and their companions. Moreover, the Dhanvantri temple in the hospital premises enhances the feeling of spiritual well-being that being truly healthy brings about. Come and see for yourselves to discover the bliss of true health!

"We possess the specialized doctors and physicians who are well-qualified, well-trained and experienced in practicing Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatments. Before treating, we go through every patient's history of ailments. Along with these regimens, specific Ayurvedic treatments for the ailment are started under the strict supervision of Government Ayurvedic College Hospital. We rejuvenate the status of health, both physical and mental. Our Ayurvedic way of living enables us to reach a higher status of health.

It is one of the best and only 100% Ayurvedic Clinic, provides best treatments of all chronic diseases among all age group of men, women and children with 100% Ayurvedic medicines which have no side effects and safe for your body and health with full satisfaction to the patients by an experienced Dr Devanand.

We would like to be a centre of excellence in Ayurveda education, research and health services. We would like to build a beautiful campus with full fledged infrastructure and faculties and hospital with excellent service and modernized facilities. This could be a centre for research which will help to validate Ayurvedic concepts, drugs and therapies. This will also become an exchange centre which will carry the spirit of Ayurveda around the world

This is not merely a dream that could be a reality if we, individually and collectively strive our best with enthusiasm, zeal and positive thinking in our hearts. Our mission is to create an atmosphere conducive to offer best of the education, undertake best of the research and render best of the health service through Ayurveda and for Ayurveda.